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Fabio Brugnolaro

Fabio Brugnolaro

VOGUE Lounge is delighted to welcome Mr. Fabio Brugnolaro as our new Head Mixologist.

An Italian native Fabio has gained an enviable reputation as one of the country’s top bartenders with his unique concept of, amongst other creations, “kitchen cocktails”, where he utilizes an eclectic selection of humble ingredients from the kitchen and judiciously combines them with premium label liquors to present a truly avant-garde menu of cocktails, the perfect fit for VOGUE Lounge’s fashion forward evenings on the rooftop of the MahaNakhon CUBE.

Fabio’s rapid rise to join a select list of Italy’s Master Mixologists took place over a mere three years, where he initially honed his skills at Milan’s famous Banco Bar, one of the Italian fashion capital’s favorite watering holes.  Following this a stint as Bar Manager at Pinch Spirits and Kitchen, another Milanese magnet for cocktail aficionados, then led him to look for pastures anew which saw him packing his passport and heading east to Bangkok and VOGUE Lounge.

Fabio has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair and Mixerplanet Magazine as well as being among the top placed in the finals of the Diplomático and Gin Mare World Tournaments.

“It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be given the opportunity to join the world’s very first VOGUE Lounge; an opportunity that many mixologists would relish were they given the chance. Having spent my mixologist career in my home country I am excited beyond words to have the chance to introduce my creations to a whole new audience and exotic and intoxicating Bangkok is the perfect place to showcase what I am confident will be a menu of something truly unique to complement the iconic vibe of VOGUE Lounge.” said Fabio.